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Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehab ProgramsAt Unity Recovery, our years of experience working with patients have taught us that people don't choose to be addicts. With that in mind, we've created a non-judgmental and empathetic environment that's ideal for you to be in as you start on your path to an addiction-free life. Find out More >> Drug and Alcohol Treatment ProgramsOur approach is based on creating a customized, abstinence-based recovery plan for our patients. These plans utilize 12-step methodologies, holistic treatments, and therapy, in the way that is most appropriate for your needs. Find out More >> Premiere Drug and Alcohol Treatment CenterThe relaxing and comfortable setting of our drug rehab center in the beachside community of Hobe Sound, Florida has proven to be one of our secret weapons in helping people recover from their addictions. Find out More >> Speak To A Drug Rehab Counselor NowIf addiction is overwhelming you, it's imperative that you contact a drug rehab facility immediately. We can answer any question you may have about addiction or the treatment process. Find out More >>
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Drug Rehab in California

Holistic Drug Rehab Programs

Finding the right drug rehab facility can be daunting, and one of your concerns is probably finding detox center in California that allows you to remain close to your friends and family. Unity Recovery Center understands how difficult this process must be, and how vulnerable you must feel at this time, the idea of being near your home in California is probably reassuring. However it's also important to understand that being close to the environments and emotions that have triggered your drug use can make your recovery process much more difficult. By removing yourself from that environment, your rehab experience can be much more successful.

Unity Rehab is one of the best drug rehab centers in Florida, and although the idea of being across the country while going through rehab may make you nervous, you can be confident that your time here will be well-spent. We have years of experience, with a track record of client successes that has made us one of the most effective drug rehab programs anywhere in the country. Our success is based on our client-focused approach, one that emphasizes individually tailored treatment plans at our comfortable and modern drug treatment center in Florida. Here, we provide a relaxing and nonjudgmental environment where you can overcome your addiction by working with our experienced and empathetic staff.

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All of our patients go through the rehab process with a customized, individually tailored rehab program that is specifically designed just for them. We know that everyone's experiences with addiction are different, which means that everyone needs, and deserves, a different method for their recovery. By personalizing your treatment program, we allow you to recover in the most appropriate, effective, and affordable manner. Our years of experience have proven that the best way for our clients to become and remain drug-free, is for them to commit to a comprehensive, holistic, and customized drug treatment program like the ones we offer at our drug rehab center.

Unity Rehab will help you overcome your addiction, no matter what your current situation is. We utilize a variety of techniques at our treatment center, and our experienced and licensed staff has had years of success helping clients escape their addictions to alcohol, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, and many other drugs. Everyone at Unity Rehab knows that that drug addiction is a disease, and the best cure is a holistic and personal recovery program that respects the patient's physical and emotional needs.